Do you need travel insurance?

Whenever you purchase a ticket to travel inevitably you will be faced with the travel insurance upgrade offer.  However, your friends will argue that it is an unnecessary expense, and that one friend of yours that managed to get dengue fever on his last trip to Africa says he will never travel without it again.  Often travelers will weigh the risk, and decide they are extremely unlikely to become sick while traveling, but if you do, traveling insurance sure would be helpful.

Considering Coverage

One of the things to consider with travel insurance coverage is everything it would cover in the event something came up.  Certainly the odds of any of these occurences are slim, but it is nice to have the coverage just in case.  Travel insurance covers:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Political Upheavals
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Lost or Stolen Belongings
  • Trip Cancellations

Should any of these occur at home or abroad the insurance will cover the expense or cancelation of the trip.

Other Considerations

If you already have home owners, auto, life, health insurance, or credit cards, it is important to check with them and determine if you are already covered.  Oftentimes these other insurance policies will cover you while you’re away.  Furthermore, don’t waste money on insurance that will only cover small loses.  It is more cost effective to simply take the loss yourself than to pay for the insurance which can add up to 5-7% of your total trip cost.

If you are not covered and you’re still unable to decide if you want the insurance or not, make a list of your concerns.  Depending on your concern the type of coverage could vary.   If you’re concerned about the risk of flying then term life insurance is the best bet.  If worried about contracting an illness while abroad, medical travel insurance is the policy for you.  What may be ok for someone else is not the ideal for how you would like to travel.  There are those that swear by insurance and those that would never bother.  In the end you are the only one that knows if insurance is for you.


Once you’ve decided to purchase insurance, the best bet is to go through an online insurance broker.   Before biting the bullet speak with one of the representatives and get a policy sample copy and discuss if your specific concerns are covered and have them specifically point out where it states on the policy that they are covered.  Beware of purchasing from tour operators as the policy will be worthless should their business go under.

In the end it is up to each traveler to decide if travel insurance is for them.  While it can be an extra expensive, it can also be the difference between feeling safe and secure on your vacation.  Should a tragedy occur and you need to cancel, you’re covered.  If you get an illness, you can go to the local hospital and know that your treatment is taken care of.   On the other hand you could purchase insurance and everything go perfectly as planned and never need it.  It is up to you what peace of mind and security is worth and what makes you feel comfortable when you’re away.

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Insurance for Bail Bonds Agents

Bail bonds insurance in Miami is one of the most important aspects of the criminal justice system that ensures the wheels continue to turn as needed on a daily basis. When someone is arrested for a crime, they are going to need to post bail in order to ensure that they are released from the Miami-Dade county jail and have the ability to enjoy their freedom for the time being. However, this amount is often so large that it would not be possible for the person to pay on their own. When this happens, they have the option of hiring a Miami bail bonds company that is going to function as the middle man in order to facilitate their release and provide the money needed in order for the court to become satisfied with the conditions that have been set forward. Of course a bail agent must ensure they comply with the law as laid out in the Florida statutes. Bail bonds insurance is one of the most important investments that any bonding company in Miami could make, this is an effective way of securing financial protection in the event that the criminal does not appear in court and the result would cripple their business going forward. A bonding company would often be on the line for ten times the amount of money that was contributed, this could quickly put any small operation out of business.

Insurance for bail bond agents


However, investing in insurance would be a great alternative that makes sure the bail bonds company has the peace of mind attached to knowing that they are not going to have to pay the loss out and have it become a burden that they are simply not able to recover from. Success with any bail bonds operation is not something that happens automatically, it is all about the approach that is taken. Whenever possible, it would be best to limit risks and ensure that you have the benefit of security that could help you continue to provide services and generate profits along the way. The amount of crime that happens in Miami makes this the perfect place for any bonding professional to open a business that would have the ability to do very well simply because there is always going to be a need for financial help from criminals that are being taken in to face charges. The easiest way to ensure that this continues to be something that you are able to make money from would be to invest in the best insurance that money could buy for your operation.

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How to be a Health Insurance Agent

Are Health Insurance Agents in demand?

Health insurance agents are in demand, especially as millions of people attempt to purchase their own insurance as part of the Affordable Care Act. People who choose to sell health insurance are self-starters who are extroverted and love people. They are gregarious and like the adventure of a flexible schedule. Flexible scheduling goes hands in hand with flexible pay, as about half of all agents work independently.

I would like a regular 9-5 schedule. What should I do?

If you want a regular schedule, regular clients, and a steady paycheck, you may want to work with a health insurance company. ¼ of all health insurance agents work for one particular company and sell products for that company exclusive. This captive position is perfect for individuals who don’t want to work on commission, don’t want to develop and follow through on sales leads, and don’t want to be out in the field working with clients. They have an office with a set of clients whom they contact with solid leads and no cold-calling.

How is the pay for Health Insurance agents?

Securities and commodities traders make the most in the insurance field at over $100,000 per year. The lowest insurance sales in the field make about $20,000 a year. Health insurance agents are in the middle of these two extremes with $48,000 being the average salary. This pay scales comes with one of the highest satisfaction rates in the working world. Insurance sales is listed as the #12 Best Business Job and #62 in rank of the top 100 Best Jobs. There is only 5% unemployment in the field, but there is a lot of turnover because most agents can’t afford to work on commission alone.

Do I need special training to be a Health Insurance agent?

Health insurance agents have been pulled into the Affordable Care act because they have to know all about the new rules and regulations regarding health insurance. The field was already highly regulated; each agent must be licensed by their respective states. This regulation is even higher now with the inclusion of the federal government. Business owners in particular will need health insurance agents who know about the new health insurance changes.

accident health insurance

SHOP insurance, insurance for small businesses and their employees, can only be purchased from qualified health insurance agents. You will need to know the special language for language company to function as a reputable health insurance agent. In general, you need only a high school diploma, proven sales skills, and a willingness to learn your new field. A college degree is required only for highly specialized fields of sales.

What’s next?

With a licensed in hand, you can begin your career as an insurance health agent. With that license, you can apply for an entry level position at a health insurance company. If you are looking for a work-at-home job, this is the perfect job for you because of its flexibility and the opportunity to earn a good living.

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Top 5 Tips from Home Insurance Brokers

Home insurance brokers are the unsung heroes of the insurance market place. Who else can get your toaster, curtains, and even toaster replaced in case of a burglary or break-in. Home insurance brokers don’t come about their many skills without tons of training, learning, and experience. They know the secrets to lowering the cost of your home insurance bill. Here are a list of the top 8 tips courtesy of your friendly neighborhood insurance broker:

1. The wise man built his house upon the rock-Where you build your makes a difference in what you will pay for home insurance. Building your home on a land prone to mudslide es can be a disaster, a the residents of Olympia, Washington learned the hard way. The best advice in this case is not to build or purchase property near flood-prone waterways, shaky earthquake areas or soft, muddy landslide areas.

2. Where there’s smoke there’s fire-Smoke is more often than not a sign of impending fire. If you install a smoke alarm, it will alert you to impending fire and the possible loss or damage of your home. While you are at it, go ahead and install a security system as well. Some security systems have a fire and police alarm system installed within so you can kill two birds with one stone. Even better, insurance companies know that you are doing your best to minimize your loss, thus minimizing the amount of home insurance they would have to pay out.

3. Use the rocks in your path to build your castle-Life is filled with perils and troubles. You can use those little obstacles for your betterment. Since you are required by law in most cases to have health insurance, car insurance, and home insurance, why not purchase them all from one source? Multiple policy discounts make this more advantageous than purchasing separate policies.

4. He who saves, finds-It may sound implausible, but save up your money and pay off your mortgage. Knowing that your house is really yours and not you paying off a bank give you a sense of empowerment. You will likely take much better care of your house because your money is not going to a monthly mortgage. Your home insurance premiums will drop because insurers know that you will take good care of your property.

real estate agent

5. Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity-It is a good idea to review your insurance papers and let your insurance company know of any improvements you may have made that will save you money. If you’ve paid off your mortgage, your premium should drop. If you’ve installed a fire alarm and security system, you will save money monthly. If you’ve combined health, homeowners, and car insurance, that’s a good thing. What’s even better is to let your insurer know so that they can lower your premium and save you some money.

“Wise words are more valuable than much gold and many rubies.” As one of the smartest, savviest people in the insurance business, home insurance brokers are the people to go to for help to help you save on your premiums. You’d be wise to listen to their advice.

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How to Become a Health Insurance Broker

When I grow up I want to be a…health insurance broker. How many little kids grow up to be health insurance brokers? It is a relatively new business. It has become increasingly more important with the changes that have come to healthcare. How would you become a health insurance broker? Can you do a career change and get into that field? What would your major be in college? Do you even have to go to college? Here are our suggestions:

• Straight out of high school?-If you are straight out of high school, a health insurance company just may hire you. If you have a proven history of selling ability, they will take you on. If you excelled at selling Girl Scout cookies, raffle tickets, or tickets to your high school music, turn on your charm and apply to work there.

• Straight out of college?- College graduates have the experience and knowledge that health insurance companies desire in their ranks. If you majored in business or economics, you are particularly valuable. Health and sociology majors can be considered because they help deal with health. If you’ve decided not to work in a traditional office, hospital, or welfare company, try a health insurance company to broker clients for them.

• Career changers-Healthcare is an industry that is expected to expand. With nearly half a million agents as recently as 2008, there is room for many more health insurance agents. That need is projected to grow into 2018. If you want to jump on board while the market is hot, consider changing careers. If you are bilingual, or even multilingual, consider changing to this growing field.

If you are pretty good with technical medical fields, consider changing to this field. If you don’t mind a flexible work day, consider changing to this field. It pays about $50,000. If you choose to be a captive agent you will sell product for one insurance company and receive a salary. Independent agents sell product for many different companies and receive a commission for health insurance contracts.

• You have to take a test-Contact the insurance board for your state to see about signing up for the licensing exam. It is the same one required for sellers of life insurance.

• You have to be fingerprinted-Along with providing your education and test, you must be fingerprinted. A background check goes along with the fingerprinting. If you have a previous criminal record, this will very likely disqualify you from employment in the health insurance field. A felony, a drug offense, fraud, or financial crimes are under that umbrella. You can appeal to the insurance board, but chances are you won’t be able to pursue this career.

Brauer Insurance Services

• You have to sign up for health insurance license training-Don’t attempt to take the test without proper training. There are many complexities to the test so bone up before you sign up. This will include at least 40 hours of instruction.

• You have to pass the test-A score of 70 is required in most states. Once you receive your clearances, certification, and passing score, you can work for most any health insurance company.

The path to becoming a health insurance broker is not hard. You just have to know what you want to do, we’ll show you how.

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4 Reasons Health Insurance Brokers Become Even More Important in 2014

The Affordable Care Act has been the most dramatic change to the health care system since the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid. The ACA contains almost 3,000 pages and nearly half a million words. The people who wrangled to have it pass hadn’t even read all of that massive document. They famously claimed it needed to be passed before it could be read.

Go figure that thinking. Who in the world would have the time, energy of desire to read such a massive documentation? A health insurance broker would and should. They are very important at this time because health insurance coverage is very important and integral to the life of many Americans. Here are 6 reasons why health insurance brokers are more important this year than any other:

1. “If you like your plan you can keep it”-President Obama said that people who liked their plans could keep their plans but this was not necessarily true. As the new year rolled around many individuals found their plans canceled, others found their premiums skyrocketing. Under pressure, the president told Americans that they could indeed keep their plans, but only for one additional year. Health insurance brokers know which plans qualify as keepers under Affordable Care Act. They know what plans need to be revamped. They know how to choose a quality, affordable plans for individuals who need it.

2. “…individuals will be assessed a monetary penalty if…”-The constitutionality of this statement aside, if you don’t buy health insurance approved by the government, you will be assessed a penalty. For individuals and businesses who don’t want to raise the ire of the government or its mass of new IRS employees, you are better to purchase a plan. If you choose to flout the new law and go without insurance, eventually you might really need some. A health insurance broker can get you a new insurance plan, after the fact. There won’t be much that they can do as far as government penalties, but at least you will be covered.

3. “The top-down, federal approach to health care reform…undermines real choice and competition.”-If you are a small business owner, you are not allowed to purchase health insurance outside of the SHOP or Small Business Health Options Program. The SHOP program is accessible only through health insurance brokers. Although the mandate for small business owners has been delayed until November of 2014, when the time comes, there will be a rush of small business owners beating down health broker’s doors to purchase insurance for their companies.

4. “…[The] increased cost that [Obamacare] places on businesses will in turn reduce business growth and hiring.”-It is a fact that the Affordable Care Act will affect most small businesses. This was proven when most businesses put a freeze on hiring after the law was passed. If businesses intend to stay afloat after the implementation of this bill, they will get in contact with a knowledgeable health insurance broker.


Health insurance brokers were important before 2014 because they were experts in their product. They helped the unlearned masses navigate health care costs, services and requirements. As the insurance landscape has changed forever with the implementation of ACA, they are even more important. They will continue to grow and change as the many complexities of the bill come to the forefront.

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Instant Car Insurance Quote

Understanding the Basic Components of a Car Insurance Policy. The language of the typical car insurance policy is hard …..

Get an Instant Car Insurance Quote

It is surprising how many people use the same insurance company their parents used, simply to avoid shopping for a better deal. The reality is that getting car insurance quotes was always relatively easy and now it is easier than ever with the advent of the instant car insurance quote. Those who go to several car insurance companies and get an instant car insurance quote from each tend to save hundreds of dollars per year on car insurance.

Choosing Travelers Car Insurance

Travelers face special risks as they venture into unknown territory and potentially face unknown scam …..

It is not just the modern insurance company that offers you an instant car insurance quote. 1st Quote, which has been around for more than 30 years, offers an instant car insurance quote to any potential customer. Why not give it a try and see if they beat what you are paying your car insurance company now?

While you are at it, why take just one company’s word for it? Go get yourself another instant car insurance quote from Kanetix. They are yet another well-regarded insurance company that offers the instant car insurance quote. You can do it right on their website for convenience. There is a simple form that takes only a few minutes to fill out. Then you are given multiple instant car insurance quotes within seconds.

Progressive Car Insurance Policies

Because of its aggressive, modern advertising campaigns, few people realize that Progressive Car …..


Try your hand at Google and see if you can find several other instant car insurance quote sites. The more rate quotes you get the better. But remember that you are not just looking for the best rate; you are also looking for a policy that meets your needs.

That’s really all there is to getting an instant car insurance quote. You just take the time to sit down at your computer and fill out a few Web forms. Next thing you know, you’re deciding from a long list on the insurance company with which you want to save money. We recommend going with a company you have heard good things about.

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General Car Insurance For Less

For an established driver with a good job, car insurance can be costly, but not …..

General Car Insurance Tips

Just as most parts of modern society make driving a car a necessity, modern society also mandates some type of general car insurance coverage. The price most people pay for a general car insurance policy has left them hurting financially. However, with a bit of time spent researching and applying for general car insurance quotes, most people can save a lot of money.

Dealing with Car Insurance Claims

One of the most stressful events that people face is having a car accident. Sometimes filing the car insurance …..

Reputable insurers offer general car insurance quotes for free. So you can go to as many companies as you want and get plenty of general car insurance quotes. Then you can take the best three or four quotes and compare any information you have on those companies that relate to their history and reliability.

If you really want to dig into the reliability of an insurance company, ask amongst your friends and family to see what kinds of deals and service they have gotten from their insurance companies. This is especially helpful if any of them have been in an accident because they can tell you about the claims service they received on their general car insurance policies. The more you know about car insurance companies, the better the decision you will be able to make.

General Car Insurance Quotes

Most drivers are now required by law to have car insurance. With more and more car insurance companies …..

Some people are intimidated when you tell them to go out and get a bunch of general car insurance quotes. However, the truth is that it is not all that time consuming or difficult to get a car insurance quote. It is simply a matter of giving basic details about yourself and your driving history. You can simplify the process of getting quotes even more so by having a driver’s abstract.

Vehicle insurance

A driver’s abstract is simply a short listing of your driving history and your car, along with some personal information. It makes it so you can apply for many general car insurance quotes without consuming much of your time. The driving history is especially useful, as most people have a hard time remembering exact details and relating them to exact dates. Simply have the driver’s abstract with you whenever you apply for a quote on the Internet, in an insurance office, or over the phone.

Additional Insurance Information

It doesn’t hurt to ask all of your current insurers if they offer combined insurance packages. For example, many companies offer both general car insurance and homeowners insurance. Many of these companies will offer you a discount on each of your insurance policies you carry with them for being a multiple insurance policy customer.

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Car Accident Insurance For All

They assure that every 12 minutes one person dies in the car accident and every 14 minutes one person gets minor or severe injury in the car crash. The information is really awful if to consider how many people used to drive cars in their everyday life or how often they used to break the traffic rules for this or that reason. In order to provide sufficient living after the car accident which results to temporary or permanent invalidity people used to be interested in the available services of the car accident insurance companies.

On insuring the vehicle they specify the following risks:

• car accident no matter who guilty is;
• theft, car accident as a result of theft, stealing of vehicle accessories;
• wrong actions of the third parties (like vandalism, setting on fire);
• nature disasters;
• spontaneous explosion;
• outside influence (vehicle may be damaged by the falling trees, animals, some equipment or mechanisms)

As a matter of fact, when you are seeking for the most affordable and sufficient car accident insurance policy, it’s worthy considering must-to-have and optional conditions. For example, most car accident insurance policies include insurance against theft. Along with that, a lot of particular states determine their own terms and conditions. No bank would provide a consumer with the loan on purchasing the vehicle if this client denies paying for the car accident insurance, at the same time. So, the things differ from region to region and from occasion to occasion.

It’s possible to define some most general car insurance types: liability, comprehensive, no-fault, unsecured, personal injury protection, collision car accident insurance. If you are looking for other car insurance types, there’s sense to opt for the car accident insurance help in the Internet. If the accident occurred already and you need help in solving the after-crash complicated situations, that’s better to look for the professional car accident lawyer.

He/she is able to represent your interest in collecting papers, negotiating with the opposite part, filing the car accident insurance claim including car accident injury claim and arranging other stages of the car accident insurance settlement.


In order to understand what’s going on and what your car accident lawyer is talking about it’s essential to catch the car accident insurance terms. Most people have troubles with the notion “limit of compensation”. Limit of compensation is that maximum compensation which the insurance company can pay off to the insured person. There are three types of limits. Agreement limit can not exceed the sum which is specified by the agreement. Insured event limit says that the insurance company is responsible for each insured event within the amount specified by the agreement.

First event limit means that the company is obligated to compensate expenses of only one accident. In addition to that, pay attention to such options like franchise (expenses that you must pay by your own when car accident occurs), amortization (replacing old accessories with the new ones will result in more expensive car accident insurance), appraisal conditions, deadlines. So, be attentive what you sign and keep safe!

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