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Original ideas for repairing condos with your own hands

condo renovations

To make repairs to the condo with your own hands, you need to know some subtleties and rules. First of all, you need to decide on the style of decorating the hall, study interesting ideas and original design options, and choose all the finishing materials.

With what to start?

In order to make repairs condo with your own hands, you need to start with the preparation of all surfaces. The ceiling must be cleaned of old paint and plaster, if necessary. Cleaning should be done qualitatively so that then all the coatings lay evenly.

After cleaning the walls and ceilings is necessary to make laying electrical wiring. And it must be carefully hidden.

During the repair, puttying and sanding are done. Walls should be properly coated with primer to increase the adhesion of the wall to the coating. Primer improves the quality of any repair and makes it more durable. Putty is a coating that is needed to level surfaces and remove any existing defects.

Only after you have prepared all the surfaces, you can move on to finishing. It is important at this stage to choose the right colors and textures of all finishing materials. Choosing the right color helps to expand the space and conduct zoning. In addition, with its help, you can correct the shape of the hall and fill it with light.

To deepen the condo with the help of repair, it is necessary to make one of the walls darker. This technique is great for renovating small condos. If there is a lot of free space in the hall, you can give preference to brighter shades. It is better if they belong to a warm color scheme.

Color scheme

But if the windows of the hall face south, you can also look at the shades of cool colors.

After that, it is necessary to think about all the details. It is necessary to calculate all the necessary materials, as well as the financial resources that you plan to spend on repairs of the condo.

condo renovations

If you are renovating an old condo, you need to take out all the furniture from there, so as not to accidentally stain or damage it.

It is also important to remove all light fixtures to protect them from dirt and construction dust. Floors, as well as walls, are levelled with special mixtures. Only after that can you move on to finishing.


Now designers present several options for finishing condos in different stylistic directions. Before proceeding to the repair, you need to decide on the style and adhere to the basic rules that are peculiar to each direction. You can mix and match the styles. For modern trends, it is peculiar to mix styles loft, high-tech and minimalism.

For a hall in the loft style is characterized by an imitation of the rough finish. Externally, such a room somewhat resembles a room that has not been fully renovated. In fact, this is the whole idea. For example, on the floor, it is possible to use planking, but for the walls a variety of materials are chosen.

The finishing of one accent wall with brickwork is noteworthy. It is this wall can be used for decorating, and placing modern paintings and posters on it. In addition, you can hang a large TV or organize a home cinema there.

In rooms decorated in the loft style, usually do not glue wallpaper. Most coatings have a three-dimensional embossed texture, plaster, concrete, and paint is suitable. Loft is characterized by a special grouping of furniture, as well as a simple layout. The style requires a large area and spaciousness. This is how condos are most often decorated.


Designers now present a variety of interesting zoning options. So, the most budget option is a corner arrangement of furniture. This is a great solution for a square living room. Furniture is grouped in the four corners of the room, allocating four functional zones.

The sofa zone can border on the workplace, and the recreation zone with the dining room, where you can relax and meet guests. Zoning is also made with the help of different levels of the floor. On the podium you can put a sofa zone or a study with a computer desk. It is these areas that are most often secluded and separated.

Zoning is also done with the help of changes in color and texture. You can decorate the walls in the dining and sofa zone in different ways, using contrast or shade paints, wallpaper, which move smoothly from one color to another. The same method of playing with color is used for the walls and floor.

To delineate the space, you can use moldings. In order to separate the living room from the hallway, graceful arches are erected. They can be decorated with artificial stone or brick.


For finishing living rooms, it is possible to use completely different coatings. So, the walls of the hall are decorated mainly with coatings of restrained tones, which do not have pronounced ornaments or complex patterns. An excellent option - decorative plaster or light wallpaper. The walls are complemented with glass elements or mirrored surfaces. Thus it is possible to visually increase the area of the room.

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